Howdy ! I am Lokesh Kapoor!

This is my personal blog where I share the reviews of various products that I use for productivity in my work. I share tutorials on these tools and products. Being a YouTuber, I also share some interesting videos on my Channel. 

Lokesh Kapoor Blogger, WordPress Designer & Entrepreneur

About Me, Some Inspirational Words

I would not say my Journey is unique, interesting, or motivational because all of us have some journeys told or untold. But my journey is definitely filled with many ups and downs. I have fought with myself(still fighting), with destiny and life.

I am from a small town in Kanpur. I grew up that shy guy who you see sitting on the front bench, who is dear to the teacher, pampered by teachers but not dear to so many students because of that affection. So, my student life was filled with fewer experiences but with bookish knowledge, I must say. I always remained first in the class till my 12th. 

Then, in a life full of chaos I opted to do CA and I assume that most of the students who have a history of getting good marks do that. Everything was going good but that bad lifestyle of learning made me a victim of health-related issues such as Migraines and Depression. And this was the time I had to quit CA because I had no option, had no money, no balance in life, no healthy lifestyle, and eventually opted to quit it.

I didn't lose hope though and started two YouTube channels, DroidCrunch & Full2hootiyappa. I with my talented friend, who was also doing CA with me, started to make videos. We spend enough time and efforts creating videos on Full2hootiyappa but sadly it terminated. That time DroidCrunch had only 300 subscribers, and I stopped making videos. Even if i uploaded a video, that too relentlessly. But that was the time I had learned some SEO, WordPress, JAVA, Android, some other coding languages from Sololearn.

Due to my constant breakdown in health and support to my brother who was the only person who earned in our family of four. So, I opted to support him by doing a job. But here, I didn't want to make a hurry. I was on a two boats together. I was in the middle of my post graduation in commerce and on the other hand I had learnt a lot of WordPress, Desiging, Coding, SEO, and Content Writing. Even I had made an app which I published on playstore. 

However, I went for an interview in a financial firm where I was selected. I gave interview relentlessly in PolicyBazaar, rejected, where I knew I would not be able to do, because of my inability to speak for much time. Somewhere, I knew my strengths. Thus, I made a decision to choose career in digital marketing where I would be able to explore myself more in WordPress Development, coding and marketing of course. 

I worked for 8 months in a fast paced agency of Delhi where I explored SEO, used Divi, & Elementor Pro to its fullest. I made many websites on WordPress that time. I also used to create graphics and videos sometimes as it was a creative agency and I used to see more of that work and used to learn from them in my free time. All of team mates were very supportive and helping. 

And then, I started freelancing online where I started getting money equal to or more than my pay for less hours. As such, I quit the job after 8 months to do freelancing and continue my helter skelter projects. But God had written something else. Now came corona which literally changed the game and I had to do the job again after a few months. But this time, I learn a lot, I learnt Advanced SQL, PHP, Javascript, Advanced WordPress, Project Management Software, System Administration, Affiliate Marketing and what not. 

After exploring a lot, I am now doing Blogging and YouTube. I want to learn public speaking in future. 

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I share various digital services including web designing, speed optimization, digital marketing, graphic designing, video editing, SEO, SMO, and more. As for personally, I can write technical blogs and review your products, where I am best at.