How to Create Giveaways Using Kingsumo for YouTube

Giveaways are definitely a great way to boost your online presence and unlock the welcome path for the new audience. With online giveaways, you can increase your YouTube subscribers, Facebook pages likes, Twitter followers, Linkedin followers, and many other social media followers and likes. People like your pages for gaining entries to your giveaway. As such, they get some in return for liking or following your social media.

There are many websites out there that help you run online giveaways. This post is about running giveaways with Kingsumo. Kingsumo is a simple to use and highly convertible giveaway maker software as of today. You can buy Kingsumo Pro on Appsumo with a Lifetime Pro plan and enjoy as many giveaways as you want.

How to Create Giveaways with Kingsumo

Follow the below simple steps to create a giveaway with Kingsumo:

  • Login to your Kingsumo Dashboard
  • Click on the “New Giveaway” button on the right-hand side
  • Fill in the Giveaway information such as Title, Description, Starting Date, Ending date of Giveaway, Brand Name, Brand URL, Prize money, Price Image
  • Enable Sharing Options so that users may further share the giveaway with their colleagues
  • Setup Bonus Entries if someone follows the given social media account
  • Choose the Mailchimp Integration to add the users to your Mailchimp
  • Accept the consent of GDPR and click on the “save” button
  • Congratulations! You've successfully created your giveaway with Kingsumo.

How to Promote your Giveaways

Creating Giveaways does not assure you of anything until you promote it with the right method. If you have a good amount of followers or subscribers on your social media and YouTube, then you can easily give a boost to your giveaway. Adversely, if you are lacking the people then it becomes really hard to break the silence.

As such you need to give consideration to promoting your giveaway very much. Below are some tips to help you promote your giveaways:

  • Share your giveaway with all your social media friends
  • Keep an attention-grabbing message for your copy
  • You can run an advertisement for your giveaway social media post
  • Embed your giveaway on your website if any
  • You can insert the giveaway URL in the description of your videos that are getting good views
  • Shoot a separate video to announce the giveaway
  • Allow users to further share your giveaway
  • Allow your users more entries on sharing

Following these tips, you can easily make your audience aware of your giveaways.

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