Crocoblock Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives, Pros & Cons

Crocoblock Jetplugins are capable of making any Elementor expert reach the height he/she had ever expected.

Crocoblock is Gutenberg friendly so you are now not limited to Elementor and can build dynamic sites using the block editor.

These advanced add-ons help you create dynamic websites and make your clients super happy. If you are making use of or looking to have more advanced options in Dynamic content, Search and filters, Mega menu, Woocommerce, Appointment & Bookings, and Forms then Crocoblock is developed for you.

Crocoblock Jetplugins

There are limitless possibilities that you can unlock with Crocoblock Jetplugins.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced developer, Jetplugins makes creating your own professionally designed and highly functional website easy. With responsive design options, stunning animation effects, advanced widgets, modules, and much more – Crocoblock Jetplugins is the perfect choice for any project. Give it a try today and see how easy it is to make dynamic sites.

Crocoblock No Code Functionality

Crocoblock Overview

Crocoblock is highly reviewed for its awesome support and quality work. They have made stunning plugins and widgets that give you an experience you can cherish by making modern and interactive websites. These plugins can be purchased and installed separately as well.

Crocoblock HomePage
Starting Price$199 annually
YouTube Channel
Widgets150+ Widgets
Plugins20+ Jet plugins
Free ProductsKava Theme, (JetFormBuilder, JetGrid Builder, JetStyleManager for Gutenberg), JetWooCommerce Widgets, Jet Content Widgets, JetSticky Widget, ADA Customizer, Contact Form 7 Layout Builder, WP Query Generator

Crocoblock Jetplugins Overview

1. JetEngine

JetEngine Crocoblock Plugin

Among all the Jet plugins, JetEngine is one of the most used and useful plugins. It gives all essential dynamic content options. With the help of JetEngine, you can easily create a dynamic structure for your website.

Crocoblock Dynamic Website Structure

In layman's terms, with this plugin, you can create custom post types, custom fields, listing items, taxonomies, relations, options Pages, and more.

CrocoBlock Dynamic Widgets

It also has some advanced features such as Charts Builder, Tables Builder, Profile Builder, Query Builder, and Custom Content Types. Some of these features are installed as a separate plugin.

JetEngine Compatibility

This plugin replaces the use of ACF Pro and CPT UI.

2. JetElements

JetElements Jetplugin Crocoblock

JetElements adds 45+ exciting design widgets and interactive effects to your Elementor panel. It includes some compelling widgets such as Advanced Carousel, Section Parallax, Image Comparison, Advanced Map, Team Member, Circle Progress, and much more.

JetElements Plugin Widgets

3. JetStyleManager

JetStyleManager Plugin

This Crocoblock plugin allows you to add styling to various Gutenberg blocks. With this plugin, you can add style to Gutenberg forms as well. It helps you to set padding, color, border, typography, and much more.

4. JetSearch

JetSearch Plugin

JetSearch allows you to implement the live AJAX search feature on your site to browse content including posts, pages, CPTs, taxonomies terms, categories, tags, and much more.

5. JetSmartFilters

JetSmartFilters Crocoblock Plugin

JetSmartFilters allows you to create complex filtering structures easily. With the help of this plugin, you can create a faceted search system for your website.

JetSmartFilters Plugin

It allows you to sort and filter the search results via AJAX-based dynamic filtering. It supports Map Listing integration. Its UI is super clean and customizable.

It gives you many filter types to use so that you can make stunning filterable archive pages. It includes a radio filter, date range filter, check range filter, checkbox filter, select a filter, rating filter, and more as shown below.

JetSmartFilters Fiter Types

6. JetGridBuilder

JetGridBuilder by Crocoblock

JetGridBuilder by Crocoblock lets you build awesome grids. You can resize the grids visually and easily customize every part of the grid. You can set the gutter, number of columns, item style, and much more. Interestingly, it is a free plugin offered by Crocoblock that you can install separately.

7. JetBlocks

JetBlocks Crocoblock Plugin

With the help of Jetblocks, you can create interactive headers and footers. The plugin includes a range of widgets and blocks that can be used to add a site logo, navigation menus, login forms, search bars, social media icons, and much more.

One of the most useful features of Jetblocks is its ability to create impressive custom headers and footers for your website.

8. JetCompareWishlist

JetCompare & Wishlist Plugin by Crocoblock

This plugin is highly useful for WooCommerce stores. You can easily add a wishlist or compare button to the single product page and create a wishlist and comparison page.

On this wishlist page, you can add other wishlist widgets to show the listed items by users. Likewise, you can build a comparison page using the provided widgets and compare the items effectively.

You have the option to use the “Cookie” or “User” store type for Wishlisting and Comparison purposes.

9. JetBooking

JetBooking Plugin by Crocoblock

JetBooking is a highly intuitive WordPress plugin developed by Crocoblock that provides a seamless booking and rental experience for businesses. Its step-by-step booking wizard significantly simplifies the process of creating a booking site, allowing users to create a full-fledged website in a matter of minutes.

One of the standout features of JetBooking is its ability to expand the functionality of rental and booking websites. With access to a multitude of customization options, users can personalize their sites to meet their specific business requirements. Its extensive booking forms also allow users to create highly detailed forms that collect customer information and facilitate reservations efficiently.

JetBooking's integration with popular page builder plugins, such as Elementor, allows users to leverage the full capabilities of visual editing tools to create visually stunning booking pages that drive business growth. JetBooking is an excellent option for businesses looking to streamline their booking process and enhance their online presence.

10. JetPopup

JetPopup by Crocoblock

You can easily create Classic, Slide In, Bar, Bordering, Full View, or Full-Width Popups with the JetPopup plugin. Designing the popup using Elementor or Gutenberg Editor is smooth.

Using the special widgets that are offered such as GDPR, Cookie Policy, Subscribe, Yes/No, Countdown, or Info Cards you can easily build desired popups and don't have to install separate plugins.

From the backend, you can easily set the popup visibility conditions so that your popup is shown only on the desired locations of the website.

Popup Visibility in Crocoblock

Apart from visibility, you have various trigger options to display the popup – whether on – opening the page, the user exiting the page, scrolling the page, the set date, user inactivity, and more.

11. JetTabs

JetTabs by Crocoblock

JetTabs adds the ability to create interactive tabs, accordion, switcher, and tabs layouts. This plugin is useful in designing pricing pages, FAQ pages, and more.

These widgets support dynamic content and provide amazing customization options.

12. JetMenu

JetMenu by Crocoblock

JetMenu is responsible for providing you with a nice hamburger menu, a mega menu, or a vertical mega menu. These menu widgets have some exciting animations and customizations. With JetMenu you can create interactive and responsive menus for your sites and stores. Additionally, you can add badges and icons to the menu items.

13. JetReviews

JetReviews Plugin Crocoblock

With JetReviews you can show reviews on posts, pages, products, events, orders, etc. Adding static and dynamic review blocks to the page lets you showcase the related feedback from real users.

Review data helps in filtering product posts based on review ratings. You can add multiple rating scales for your users to review the products and show average ratings of them.

JetReviews by Crocoblock

You can also enable comments and likes on the reviews to further strengthen the product page and community.

You can also enable reCAPTCHA to safeguard your website against spam.

14. JetWooBuilder

JetWoobuilder by Crocoblock

This plugin adds functionality to create interactive WooCommerce pages.

JetWooBuilder Crocoblock Widgets

JetWooBuilder is helpful in creating pages that are relevant to WooCommerce. You can create single-product pages using its single-product widgets. Likewise, there are widgets for archive pages, categories cards, shop pages, cart pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, and my account page.

With JetWooBuilder, you can easily create pages with stunning visuals and professional-looking layouts. You also have access to a variety of options that can be used for customizing the look and feel of your pages. Furthermore, JetWooBuilder is optimized for performance, which ensures that your page loading times are fast.

15. JetBlog

JetBlog by Crocoblock

JetBlog is useful in creating interactive pages that contain blocks and elements giving it a perfect blog look. Its smart posts title and smart posts lists widget are highly useful in creating the home page of your blog or magazine website.

These widgets give you plenty of layout options and query controls to show the desired content. Under the style tab, you can customize the look and feel of your widget.

16. JetThemeCore

JetThemeCore Crocoblock Plugin

Theme builder in Crocoblock lets you manage and structure your website templates including their display conditions from one place. You can compare it with Elementor Theme Builder or Template System. If you have many templates on your website, for example – header, the theme builder makes it easy for you to manage their display conditions on various locations of your website.

17. JetAppointment

Jetappointment by Crocoblock

JetAppointment is a WordPress appointment plugin by Crocoblock. With the assistance of this plugin, one can create a fully functional appointment booking website.

After setting up a few configurations and integrations in JetAppointment you are ready to use the booking forms. You can also set up the Zoom call and use the confirmation links and attach it to the appointment.

18. JetProductGallery

JetProductGallery by Crocoblock

JetProductGallery is useful for creating an image gallery. It also has a Gallery Slider specifically useful for WooCommerce Product Page design. There are many features including zoom options, navigation, slider, transition effects, loop options, custom styling, and much more in this plugin that make your gallery interactive.

19. JetTricks

JetTricks by Crocoblock

JetTricks gives you some exciting widgets you can add to your Elementor Panel. It includes Tooltip, Hostspots, Particles, Unfold, Parallax, and other widgets. Some of these features can be accessed from the advanced tab of the Elementor Panel and offer great customization options.

20. JetFormBuilder

JetFormBuilder by Crocoblock

JetFormBuilder is an extremely useful plugin allowing you to create attractive forms on your WordPress site. It has 18 plus Form Field Blocks to enhance your web design experience.

Multistep Form With Crocoblock

The form supports dynamic values, hidden fields, calculated content, repeater, multi-step, and a lot more.

JetFormBuilder Field Types

Using the JetformBuilder you can create advanced forms for your site very easily.

Crocoblock Pricing

Crocoblock doesn't step up to impress you with pricing though. Its maths behind the pricing structure is quite clear. All the JetPlugins can be purchased separately and you can buy the license for a year or for a lifetime.

If you buy a custom plan for selected Jetplugins, then below is the pricing of its plugins.

JetPlugins Pricing

On the other hand, there are three plans viz. All-inclusive, Freelance Lifetime and Lifetime.

For a single project, All-inclusive costs you $199 yearly, and for unlimited projects it costs you $399 yearly. Obviously, unlimited licenses for a subscription price can be intimidating, thus, you can opt for a Freelance Lifetime plan that gives you 500 projects which is quite enough in many cases.

You can later or anytime upgrade to a Lifetime plan for $999. Upgrading from an existing license will obviously give you some discount. 😃

Crocoblock Pricing

Crocoblock Support

Talking about the Support, Crocoblock has achieved dramatic responses from its users. Crocoblock offers support only to those users who have existing valid Licenses via chats, tickets, or Zoom calls.

Their Support agents can ask for your License key and purchase email for confirmation as well. If the License key and purchase email don’t match, support can be denied. They offer support for feature requests, how-to issues, licensing & billing-related issues, bug reporting, dynamic templates, Jetplugins integrations, queries related to the Kava theme, and much more.

Before raising a query on Support, it can be better to first find the solution on their documentation and video tutorials. In case you don't find the answers, you can head over to raise a new support ticket.

Crocoblock FAQs

Why Crocoblock is very expensive?

Crocoblock is a toolkit for Elementor that is not at all cheap for the beginners. Because of its advanced features and premium support the pricing of Crocoblock is not relaxing.

Is it really worth buying Crocoblock in 2024?

Yes, it is definitely a good choice to buy an All-in-one toolkit such as Crocoblock that gives you complete control in designing and developing highly interative dynamic sites on WordPress.

Who can use Crocoblock? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Crocoblock is a WordPress plugin that enhances your experience and capability while developing WordPress sites. Anyone who is looking to create dynamic websites such as Hotel booking sites, Job Board Website, Real estate marketplace, travel booking site, medical appointment site or much more.

Are Jetplugins compatible with Gutenberg? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Yes, considering the trend of users inclination twards Gutenberg Crocoblock has worked on their plugins and some of the JetPlugins of Crocoblock are compatible with Gutenberg editor.

What themes are most Compatible with Crocoblock? 🤔

Crocoblock strives to recommend Kava theme that is a light and clean theme, designed by them to work perfectly with JetPlugins. Also, Crocoblock is compatible with Elementor Hello Theme, OceanWP, Astra, GeneratePress, and Blocksy.

Crocoblock Alternatives

There are only a few plugins or toolkits that can be considered as true alternatives to Crocoblock. is an advanced addon for Elementor that offers some amazing features and extensions. It lets you build highly dynamic sites. With the announcement of Elementor Loop Grid feature, the use of its highly popular widget “Dynamic Posts” has been decreased just a little.

Dynamic Posts is still as fabulous and offers more features out of the box. Moreover, it has tons of other widgets and extensions that let you create a powerful website. With, you will however need additional plugins to create post type, fields, and taxonomies.

The Plus Addons for Elementor

The plus addons has worked a lot on their product and the features of their plugin are totally outstanding. As an alternative to Crocoblock, anyone can confidently opt for Plus addons. As an alternative to JetEngine you can however opt for ACF that allows you to create custom Post Types, Fields and Taxonomies.

What Makes Crocoblock Standout?

What Makes Crocoblock Stand Out

Crocoblock is popular because of what it delivers through its product. Its live chat support that includes video support and quick response with a high rate of success really makes it distinguished from the others. It has an impressive layout that everyone loves and makes it pleasing to use. The user community of around 23k members is an achievement in itself. The community is really helpful to everyone.

The developers at Crocoblock work day and night to give you regular updates with new features, fixes, and tweaks and ensure high compatibility. Being an all-in-one addon, it replaces many other addons and features that you may find in other products.

Over To You

To summarise, Crocoblock is definitely a great suite for developing high quality WordPress sites. This plugin is best suitable for Freelancers, bloggers and the agency owners. With Jetplugins, you can achieve some great functionalities and build the website of your dream with some minimal efforts.

There is some learning curve attached to it. Using some of the features of Crocoblock are not that straightforward. However, you are provided with a proper knowledge and video tutorials to have grip on them as well.

Crocoblock Review


Overall Score: 4.9 out of 5

Crocoblock logo

Easy To Use

5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


5 out of 5


4.5 out of 5
  • The Best Elementor Addon
  • 20 JetPlugins that include over 200 widgets
  • 60+ Pre-built Templates
  • No-code WordPress site development
  • Create Custom Post Types, Meta Fields, & Taxonomies,
  • Table Builder, Chart Builder, Query Builder & Profile Builder
  • Everything Documented & easy-to-access Video Tutorials
  • Appointment & Booking Functionality
  • Premium Support for Clients
  • Cons
  • Expensive Solution for more than one site installation
  • Summary
    Crocoblock JetPlugins are very useful in developing advanced WordPress websites. The outstanding features and easy to use UI is capable of giving the experience you deserve while work. The Jet Plugins can be installed separately. The premium and fast support coupled with an impressive documentation makes it a go-to toolkit for agencies and freelancers developing WordPress sites for the clients.
    Starting at - USD 199

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