How To Make Money on Instagram – Step by Step

Nowadays, brands have shifted their attention on the social media influencers📲 to a much greater extent. They find it lucrative and pretty feasible to promote their product and services through these influencers.

Instagram among all the social media channels is a very result oriented platform. Instagram users upload millions of photo/video content on it. Even Celebrities find Instagram their prior social media platform to connect with their fans and friends.

However, many users on Instagram are unaware of the business opportunities around their grip. Even those having a good following are not acquainted with monetisation practices and opportunities.

You will get a complete guide as to how to start making money💰 from your Instagram account.

First thing first. You will need to have an account on Instagram. Most Probably, you might have that already. But, in order to make your account into a money-making machine, you will need to find a niche for your self.

⚖Find Your Inner Inclination

First of all, you will need to find out what you are interested in. Easy? Is not it? However, if you take a wrong decision while choosing the niche you may face trouble afterwards. So, don’t take it easy. Take some time to choose the best niche for you. For say, if you are interested in 📷Photography don’t go for 🍱Recipe.

There are many things you may be interested in and turn that passion into work.

Make Money on Instagram – Starting Wisely

🏖Travel Blogger

Do you love to travel all around? If yes then you can be the next big travel blogger.

But How? Relax, you just need to follow the right ways though. Click the amazing photographs of the places wherever you travel. Tag the places, big shops around, make the good audience and you are slightly on a good track though.
Pro Tip: In order to be a successful travel blogger you must do some interesting stuff and build an audience around your page. Figure out interesting things wherever you travel and show it to your audience. Always be curious and focus on personal branding too.

🎥Event Photographer

If you have good photography knowledge and interest then this niche very lucrative for you. You just need to make a good profile and post attractive photos which can work as your portfolio to reach the people.
Pro Tip: In order to make a good event photography profile on Instagram you should be intellectual. You must look for details and identify the key moments you need to photograph. Post behind the scenes of your event photography. People love it too.

🍕Food Blogger

Food blogging has taken a new dimension dramatically after the introduction of Instagram. Brands are excited to promote themselves through huge Instagram accounts which can tap their targeted audience. It can be certainly a lucrative idea for you.
Pro Tip: In order to be successful Food Blogger, it’s recommended that you join the communities around you. Go out, find and make good business relations with the brands out there.

📱Tech Blogger

As a tech blogger, you can also expand your business and audience reach on Instagram. However, you can’t make Instagram your true source of earning in Tech niche. You must take care of relevant platforms too. There are countless rivals in this category because of Global attention and solely concentrating on one platform can be a risky decision though.
Pro Tip: In order to make a good reach and an audience you must be active on other relevant platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

😎Comedian, Singer, Magician, Dancer or an Artist

If you think and feel that there is an Artist inside you then just call him/her on stage because Instagram can dramatically change your life if people love what you do on screen. There are many comedians, singers and artists who have become successful through social media. You can also be the next if you do some effort.

Pro Tip: If you are ready with it, make sure you do it on regular basis. By regular, I don’t mean daily or something but yeah at least once in a weak so that you may always be in the limelight at least in the feed of those who have followed you. Gradually, you will see more people liking your content provided it has quality. Also, spend some time to share your content in the start.

⭐Product Reviewer

You can also review the products on your Instagram if you have a good following. Most of the people review beauty products, clothes, shoes and glasses, watches, gym products and more on the Instagram.

🏙Graphic Designer

You can showcase your designing work through your Instagram account and the people who are looking for designing work can easily reach you.
Pro Tip: To get most out of your Instagram page as a graphic designer, you should first turn to the business account and treat your page as a portfolio. Give a link in the bio for a call to action. Also, you can post behind the scenes or making of the designs videos.

💃Fashion & Style

It is very lucrative and influencing niche on the Instagram. There are countless pages on the Instagram who upload photos of themselves with different fashion style. You can also build the audience around your page and showcase fashion & style. Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities to earn from this niche.

👰🏻Beauty and Makeup Tips

As we all know that Instagram is a photo/video sharing social platform where people who are beautiful have a large audience. However, it’s not the case all the time but yeah most often its seen on the platform. In overall, it’s an awesome niche.

💊Health and Fitness

There are many pages about Fitness, Gym and Health on the Instagram which have the huge following. Many people follow people with a good physique to get health advice from them and to have some inspiration. Be it a brand page or personal profile page, there is a lifeline for both.


We all like quotes be it life quotes, motivational quotes, love quotes, friendship quotes or any other quote. You can reach the audience through the medium of Good quotes.


The meme has power to sarcastically say what we can’t say normally. There are numerous meme pages on Instagram with a huge following. You can also find a place with your creativity and intellectual memes.

📣Shout outs Page

Who does not know about shout out pages on Instagram? In fact, you will find shout out pages for approx every next popular city. You can also target a city and engage the audience. Interestingly, people looking for quick growth on Instagram rely on these shout out pages which engage millions of audience.

👤Personal Profile

Most people are able to earn from their Personal Profiles. Comedians, Singers, Artists have their personal profiles instead. If you are garnering good engagement on your personal profile page on Instagram then you just need to monetize your Instagram page to start making money out of it.

How To Make Money on Instagram – Some Essentials

🎗Make An Account

After selecting the best niche for you it’s the time for you to make an account. Easy too?🤷‍♂️ Is not it? But wait🤷‍♂️, while making an Account you must do following:

🔍Choose the best name for it.

You definitely need to stop here and choose the name for your account that is short, relevant to the niche, show some authority and easy to remember.

🔦Check the username availability for it.

You can use to secure your username. However, it’s no worse if you don’t find the similar usernames on various platforms.

✨Make Eye-Catching Graphics for your account.

You need to make eye-catching images for your Instagram account. Instagram does not show banner or cover kind of stuff to the users. So, here I especially referring to the logo. That should be pretty attractive.

🖌Write an awesome bio

After jumping on your page, users usually hover their eyes on your bio. Especially new users will do that. So, you need to make sure that you write an impressive bio that may create a bearing on the reader’s mind.

💹How To Increase Instagram Page Followers

Doubtless, it is one of the most considerable points. You chose the niche, made the account but followers are not coming. Frustrating? Is not it?

Well, followers will not come, actually, you will have to invite them to your content. To do this you can follow the tips below:

  • Find more and more Instagram pages in your niche and follow them.
  • Like and comment on their posts.
  • Post High-Quality Images and Videos
  • Use Trending, Popular and Relevant #hashtags.
  • Update Your Instagram Stories Timely – This will ensure more engagement from the existing audience.
  • Post Amazing Content Regularly.
  • Write interesting captions for your photos and videos. Try to use short and questionable captions for more comment engagement.
  • Choose the best time to post.
  • Reach the shout out pages to get shout out for your page.
  • Tag more and more people in your posts.
  • Use the Geo-tagging feature to include your location in the posts.
  • Schedule your posts for the right time. You can use tools like Buffer, HootSuite or Apphi to schedule the posts.
  • Reach the influencers to consider tagging you.
  • Drive users to your account through other marketing platforms.
  • Plan Giveaways if possible.
  • Paid Promote your content.
  • Videos are more engaging than photos. So, try to post video content on your page too. However, as per the study, photos get more engagement in terms of likes while videos attract more comments.

💲How To Monetize Your Instagram Page

Doubtlessly, there are dozens of ways you can monetize your Instagram page.

Affiliate Marketing

The most powerful and authentic way to get most out of your Instagram following is to promote affiliate products/services and earn a commission. However, Instagram does not work that way where you may expect huge leads. Although, applying artful strategies you can do that.

You can share the link in Instagram stories when you surpass 10,000 followers mark. Interestingly, there are 800 Million Active users on the Instagram and if you post quality content and follow the strategies, it’s no hard to reach that mark in no time or even more.

Selling Own Products

Instagram has made pretty easy for the sellers to sell their products through the Instagram. First of all, you can do it by promoting your own store instead of sharing affiliate links. Also, you can leverage the Shopify feature where you can tag the image with a product icon on the bottom left with prices to the users without having to leave the Instagram.

However, this feature is restricted to US-based IP addresses for now which may roll out anytime for other countries too.


You can also earn by reviewing and recommending the products and services. Most of the Instagram influencers have much more earning through review and recommendation.

However, it is essential that you must have enough following to attract the brands.

You can earn on Instagram by sharing the stuff of others for some consideration too. Most of the shoutout pages run on this business model. Most often their posts are not paid though. They give shout out free too in order to reach the targeted audience.

Sharing content not only of others but also of yours can bring in a lot of money. For example, sharing your own youtube videos.

Driving users to your monetized channel

You can also drive users from Instagram to your monetized platform. For say you can drive them off to your landing pages, online course pages, paid software pages, digital services pages or what not. However, this is not really easy as it looks. It involves a marketing idea that will perhaps instigate the users to click on the links or do more swipe ups.


Featuring other in your posts can also be a sort of earning method. To be precise, not many people do that, but if your niche complies to these then you can surely go for it and earn money through your Instagram page. All this you can do by alluring users with your posts on Instagram.

Selling Your Account

You can also earn by selling your account. People generally make more than one account on Instagram of the similar niche to boost the graphs of their main page. And, this trick helps them to a great extent. Through the process, they are able to generate the audience for their backup pages as well which they can sell later. You can also earn a good amount by selling your backup or even engaging page.

🎯How To Find The Influencers and Brands

In order to make money on Instagram, you will need to be in touch with Brands.

#Track the Competitors of your Niche

In order to find the Brands for sponsorships, you can track the competitors in your niche and see what they are sponsoring. Now, you can pitch those brands with a relevant idea and approach for the sponsorship.

#Join Influencer Networks

Sometimes, brands are not going to find you. It may be time taking and unsatisfactory to find manually and pitching them. However, You can join Influencer Networks to find the Brands to collaborate.


FameBit is a well-known influencer platform where you can connect with the sponsors. However, you must need the great following to attract them. For the Instagram, you should have at least 5,000 of followers to join as a creator.


You can also make an account on Revfluence to get in touch with the sponsors. However, this platform is restricted to some selected nations for now and maybe in future, they can allow it for all.

The above two are enough to make your task easier.

🥇How To Be A Successful Instagram Influencer

Well, in order to be a successful Instagram influencer you need to dive into to market strategies. You will need to learn from the marketing atmosphere as to what is going on, how is going on, its impacts and what not.

To be successful, you most importantly need to concentrate on your content through which you want to reach the audience. Your content will decide its approach.

Furthermore, to be in the lead, you must actually make an effort and be in the business. Mere reading and knowing are not enough until you implement it.

#Get A Instagram Business Account

There are undoubtedly many reasons to choose business account over the private account on Instagram. Business account as the name suggests is designed especially for the business people whose aim is to build their brand loyalty, business approach and go beyond socialness.

Instagram allows you to analyse the audience behaviour if you have or switch to a business account. With the help of which you can make necessary changes and reflect the audience. Over and above you can show contact option to the audience be it text, email or phone.

#Use Most Relevant Hashtags

Do you see that successful brands never forget to use hashtags? But do you notice that they include what is actually relevant? You also need to use the most relevant hashtags to find the targeted audience.

#Interact with Followers

You should not ignore the audience who is reacting with a comment. At least you should consider replying the appropriate, relatable and sensible comments. Also, avoid hateful and negative comments or you may end up making a bad reputation.

#Strive To Increase The Viewership

You need to struggle for increasing the viewership for your blog. If you are starting off then its surely recommended that you apply most of the required tactics to increase the audience in terms of followers.

#Update Instagram Stories Timely

Frequent use of Instagram stories will assure your activeness on the crowded platform. People clicking your stories are likely to find your posts in their feed on the top. This can dramatically help you grow your page.

#Make Use of Follow Hashtag Feature

Follow hashtag feature allows the users to follow the content that is posted with the specific hashtag. Even stories posted with that hashtag will be shown to the followed ones. You can promote your branded hashtag too like giveaways.

You can update the stories too with your hashtag and ensure your presence to the those who have followed that hashtag.

#Write The Perfect Instagram Bio

You must actually take care of writing a perfect bio for your Instagram page. To do this, you should figure out how can you explain your business concisely in an interesting manner. To make it brief and readable you should actually make use of hashtags and relatable emojis.

A perfect bio consists of element of fun, humor and seriousness.

#Make Good Connections

You should also consider making good connections with your audience and with the brands. Making better connections with them can benefit you in many ways and it can increase your audience too in short period of time.

Over To You

Making money on Instagram is a process of aligning all the marketing weapons to derive the audience retention and then monetize it.

Did you like this guide about how to make money on Instagram?

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